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All our rooms are equipped with private bathroom and the price is 40€ per person


Room facing west, towards the valley. If you're lucky, in the early morning or evening, you may catch a glimpse of squirrels joyfully jumping from one branch to another.

Queen bed

Private bathroom

High Definition tv


From here, you can enjoy a view of the inner courtyard and the lavender field above.

Queen bed


Private bathroom


Facing north, this room allows you to observe the entire valley. Additionally, from the small windows embedded in the wall, you can observe the occasional nest that owls build and watch their chicks grow.

Queen bed

Single bed

Private bathroom



It is a spacious and cool room that can accommodate up to 6 people, making it suitable for large families as well.

From the window, you can observe the small hazelnut grove and enjoy vividly colorful skies at sunset.

Queen bed x2

Bunk bed

Private bathroom



Ground floor room, separate from the main building. Just outside, you will find sun loungers and a table shaded by a pergola.

Queen bed

Private bathroom

Accessible room

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